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“A searing, waunderlust cabaret of human transformation”

“Masterful inter-play of live music, dance, vocals & 3D projections”


“An adrenaline filled potent theatrical journey”

“Explosive weaving of multi-disciplinary art”


“Mesmerizing, Multi-sensorial voyage”

“Universal and beyond time”



While Your Feet Move, Your Soul Will Too


La Caravan Dance Theatre aims to inspire ordinary people to experience dance and dancers to create extraordinary theatrical dance and physical art works through provocative, multidisciplinary and co-creative processes.


La Caravan Dance Theatre has a signature presence that blends traditional with contemporary dance to create an innovative, international dance language combined with professional artists from disciplines such as voice, music, design, sculpture and architecture to yield dramatic and stirring dancing making it one of Calgary’s most unique dance companies.


Under the artistic direction of Maya Lewandowsky, La Caravan has thrilled audiences across western Canada with electric, startling, and inherently original dance works of immense theatrical presence since 2003. At the heart of La Caravan’s uniqueness is the company’s vision to create a platform that expands perceptions and deepens emotional response for the performers and spectators alike through dramatic, provocative dance productions.


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Fihi Ma Fihi

(it is what it is)


Upcoming Dates: June 8-12, 2016


About the production

A new genre of performance art re-awakens Rumi’s Poetry with gusto!

Original concept and design by artistic director and choreographer Maya Lewandowsky 

Based on the philosophy of 13th century poet, Rumi, this dance opera is a fight between death & birth, climaxing with freedom, revealing the human enigma and the understanding of where we come from and where we are going.

Experience the fullness of all your senses as you join La Caravan Dance Theatre in this live, multi-disciplinary collaboration which includes the use of new media and projection mapping technology in addition to poetry, original musical composition, movement, vocal experimentation, costume design and installation art.


Fihi Ma Fihi - The Origin

Fihi Ma Fihi (it is what it is), is a new concept project that Artistic Director, Maya Lewandowsky has developed based on the philosophical poetry of 13th century poet, Rumi. The central theme of Rumi’s work centers on the concept of the union with the beloved or the primal root of being.  As a personal quest, Maya has always questioned:

  • Why Are We Here?
  • The Collection and Sharing of Wisdom
  • How Do We Transcend Our Habits and Roles?
  • Can we Expand To Something Further?

La Caravan with the support of collaborating artists will create an artful journey about how we transcend our habits and roles to expand and become something more. Using the “Hero Model” of Joseph Campbell, the journey will show us moving forward and creating a better life. 

Adapted from thirteen (13) poems of Rumi, which are an art form, La Caravan will interpret something that is beyond time and universal.  The concept is broad and poses a number of questions, because of this; there are many layers that need to be uncovered and explored through the journey.  The project is envisioned as a multi-dimensional production that will incorporate musical composition, lyrics and vocal expression, movement, set design, costuming and new media/projection mapping.  All components create a visual art that will attempt to reveal answers and new wisdom.


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